Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Body weight exercise is a great way to train your body for every day life stuff. A workout at the end too!

Paddle Boarding is tough, just carrying the board down to the water with a strong breeze can throw you off balance and jar your back.  So we need to train our bodies to move functionally for everything and here is why!

Body weight exercise is the easiest way to build strength, muscle, and stability for your body.  You don’t have to go anywhere but right where you are with your own “machine” which is YOU.  By using your own body weight for strength, you are able to recruit many muscles at one time therefore burning more calories, turning fat into muscle efficiently, and sculpting many areas at one time.  Sounds great doesn’t it? 

Here are a few other great reasons to train with your body weight:

·      You trip or miss a step on your staircase.  Answer: your skillful with lunges and jump lunges so your body quickly remembers the motion and saves you from a bad fall down the stairs

·      A heavy box has fallen over in the garage when you were organizing.  Answer:  you squat low, push deep into your legs and heels and push the box out of the way or even lift to desired place without straining your back.

·      Your child is getting really heavy and still wants you to carry him/her at 5 years old.  Answer: those pull ups you have been working on really come in handy here to lift the child up.  The squats and lunges have built strength in your legs and back.  The push ups have made your strong to the core to care dead weight easily.

So what is stopping you from a great workout daily with your very own body? 

Here is a quick routine to get you going:
Squats hip distance apart 20 reps
Lunges forward 20 reps each leg
Push ups 15 reps full plank or knee’s down
Hold and isolate plank 30-60 seconds
Side lunges lateral 20 reps each leg
Plea squats 20 reps
Burpee’s 10-15 reps
Reverse table top tricep dips, bend elbows 15 reps
Jump squats 15 reps
Repeat from the top 2 more times

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